Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to this offroad blog

Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome you all to the blog dedicated to the Offroad Racing exploits of Bas Jansen. The plan/dream is to participate in the Africa Race in a few years time. The Africa Race carries on in the spirit of 'Le Dakar' after they relocated to South America.

This website will cover any and all of my experiences that are related to this goal. The first step is to secure a car with which i can enter the Dutch National Offroad Championship, to that end i spent this morning talking with Kees and Mieke Tijsterman. The conversation itself was a very pleasant and quite fruitful event as I learned a lot about the 'world' behind the sports and Mieke said she would keep an eye out for a second hand car for the next season \o/.

So the next step would be registering for my national license and (hopefully) getting the (still to be acquired) car ready for the next season.

Kind Regards,
Bas Jansen

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